This site is a collection of historical data that is continually evolving thanks to the help of family and friends and has been created with the hope of preserving the memories of my ancestors.

Thanks to my family members: Michael Ray Bradshaw — for helping get me started with lots of groundwork on the Bradshaw line and Linda Kay Bently Bradshaw, for all the information she has provided from talking with some near and distant living relatives. Another large thanks goes to Suzanne Smith Ray for the large amount of information that she has provided on the Link line. Many thanks are also necessary to Kevin Bentley, Kenneth Bradshaw, Mark Lawson, Anne Musser, Gail Shearin, an the numerous other distant relatives that I have come in contact with via the internet, that have provided some missing links.

I am needing more information on the following lines:

Bentley – my maternal grandfathers paternal side
Link – my maternal grandmothers paternal side
Kiziah – my paternal grandmothers paternal side

Also is anyone has any old pictures of any the family let me know.

Most of the information on this site was ported over from my old Family Tree Maker site that has not been maintained but is still currently available.


If any additions to this book or needed corrections are found, please contact Larry Bradshaw. E-mail responses are the preferred method. Any information, photos or documents you are willing to share would be welcome. Comments and suggestions for improvement are also welcome.

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